Axel, Aspen, and Their Family

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Breeds: Axel is a six-year-old black lab. Aspen is a five-year-old lab mix.

Family: Jennifer Carlson is a payroll/HR program support assistant with ESI. Tina Rogers is an administrative assistant/marketing specialist for Liz Lauer & Associates. Jennifer and Tina’s son, Ethan Carlson, is the pups’ buddy.

Where/how did you meet your family?

Axel: They all came to my home where I was born to meet my family and my buddy Ethan picked me out of all my brothers and sisters! Aspen: I was born in a semi truck and abandoned at a truck stop. Some lady picked me up; however, I jumped out of her car and ran to Momma J in her work parking lot!

What kind of family members are each of your moms?

Axel: My moms love me to death. I am always getting belly rubs, treats, and best of all—they take care of my OCD with anything I can fetch! Aspen: My moms saved my life and I will never forget it. They take the best care of me, with snuggles, treats, walks, and “the parkie”!

Jennifer and Tina, what kind of family member is each of your dogs? 

Jennifer: They are both like children to me. Aspen is really my “first” dog and I just cannot believe how much I love them. I cannot wait to come home to their unconditional love after a bad day! Tina: They are definitely my kids! If I could, I would just stay home and love them up and snuggle them. They just always put a smile on my face.

What are your must-have treats? Where do your moms get them for you?

Aspen: Beggin’ Strips. You can put anything else in front of me, but I will not eat it until AFTER I get those. Axel: Milk Bones and anything that falls on the floor.

How do your moms meet your needs?

Axel: Well, I really only listen to my Momma T—she is my alpha! However, Momma J always makes sure I get my piece of ham when sissy gets her meds everyday. They both love me all of the time and they both feed me. Ethan helps too; he and my buddy Clayton like to play fetch and take me to the parkie. Aspen: Momma J always makes sure I have my meds to make me feel good and stay alive. I follow them both around like a shadow; just want to be near someone all of the time. Momma T and I have nuggle bumpkins time every morning and she always gives me my treat after her shower. I lie outside the bathroom door and wait patiently!

Moms, how does each dog meet your needs?

They give us unconditional love, are part our family, and nothing would be the same without them. We will never find other dogs with their personalities.

Favorite vet clinic: Deer Grove Veterinary Clinic
Favorite pet shop: Bad Dog Frida

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