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What kinds of animals are part of your family? What are the breeds?

We have a 13-year-old male Brittany named Gunner, a 5-year-old female Brittany named Jozy, and a 4-year-old female Wirehaired Pointing Griffon named Alyx. We also have a rescued feral kitten that is about eight weeks old.

How do the pets meet your needs?

Besides being great everyday companions, our dogs are our hunting partners. Bird hunting is so much more enjoyable with the dogs. It is so much fun to watch them work in the field. When Jozy and Alyx were younger and first being trained for hunting, we took them to NAVHDA training days and field-testing at the DNR’s Mazomanie dog-training area. Part of the breeder’s contract was to have Alyx NAVHDA tested for natural ability. She scored well in the upper percentile. Her hunting style is phenomenal.

How do you meet their needs?

All the dogs love getting out and running and hunting. We try to get them out as often as possible.

To maintain their health, we take our pets to Deer Grove Veterinary Clinic in Cottage Grove. Gunner has had a number of health problems throughout his life, and we couldn’t have asked for better care.

Jozy and Alyx go to daycare once a week, where Tammie Moodie of Rolling-M Doggy Dude Ranch takes great care of them. They come home so tired from the fresh air, playtime, and other dog camaraderie, and of course the special love and attention from Tammie.

As for the kitten, our friend Randy has been visiting us and doing most of the bottle-feeding. The kitten likes riding in the car and has gone with us when we go out of town.

What are your favorite places in town to go with your animal(s)?

We like to take the girls to doggy daycare where they can see their other favorite human, Tammie, for all the loving they get, and play with other dogs. We like to take all three dogs to the land we own in Adams County (they think it is one big dog park with furry and feathered friends) or to the public hunting grounds to hunt birds and burn up lots of energy.

As we travel we have discovered dog parks and areas to let them run and stretch to make the longer trips more enjoyable. Of course they take us to Mounds pet store to show us all the great stuff like food, treats, birds, kittens, and other dogs; plus, if we behave, we get a Mounds candy bar. They also love to see Dr. Steve, Dr. Lynn, and the dedicated staff of animal lovers for the best care and love. Our thanks go out to Deer Grove Veterinary Clinic for the very best care in keeping our furry family members in the best of health.

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