Part 6: Celebrating Your Special Day, Done Your Way

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  • Andy Overshiner & David Woolf. Photo by Joseph Pearcy.
  • Erin & Katelyn Danielson. Photo by Dutcher Photography.
  • Chadwick & Scott Solamita-Stirling. Photo by Robyn Nichols, Distinctive Memories.
  • Cindy Crane & Judy Mills. Photo by Jolene Wochenske, Simply So Photography.
  • Chris Nania & Jared Pierce. Photo by Melanie Renee Photography.
  • Chris Nania & Jared Pierce. Photo by Melanie Renee Photography.
  • Chris Nania & Jared Pierce. Photo by Melanie Renee Photography.

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D(andy) Celebration   //   Andy Overshiner & David Woolf 

September 24  //  Engaged February 14, 2021  //  Lake Farm County Park

Our celebration was over the equinox weekend Friday–Sunday, with the ceremony on Saturday. We rented the group campsite in Lake Farm County Park (which was next to where we had our first date/picnic at shelter #3 2.5 years earlier). The weekend included camping, Friday night fish fry at Green Lantern, Saturday wedding, gratitude reception with a “wedding march” around the park with guests, and we newlyweds serving campers a pancake and sausage breakfast on Sunday. We kept the celebration relaxed and light-hearted. Our theme was flannel and plaid attire for everyone. It was a beautiful and emotional weekend. Photographer: Joseph Pearcy


Vows All Around   //   Erin & Katelyn Danielson 

October 1  //  Engaged October 24, 2020  //  Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek 

We were prepared for lots of love and celebration, but we did not expect that our small ceremony and casual reception would make us feel so enveloped by the love and awe of our close friends and family. It really felt like magic. We learned that even if we are low-key and don’t like to be the center of attention, we deserved to celebrate our love in a way that felt right to us, and that’s all that matters. 

Our ceremony felt unique and special because we wrote vows to each other, and we each wrote vows to Erin’s 9-year-old child (Evey). We had our friend marry us, and they did a wonderful job making it interactive with guests (heck, yeah!), mixing in aspects of our relationship, queer history, and poetry. Photographer: Dutcher Photography

The Happiest Day   //   Chadwick & Scott Solamita-Stirling 

October 1  //  Engaged December 25, 2021  //  Grafton

We wanted to have a vineyard wedding, however at the time we were looking, our top vineyards were not booking weddings yet due to Covid. So being the designer I am, I brought that feeling/atmosphere to us! We wanted our wedding to bring people together, get closer, renew old relationships, and enhance current ones. We succeeded. It truly was the happiest day of each of our lives. We have a unique love story.
Photographer: Robyn Nichols, Distinctive Memories

Forward Fertility

Dinner & Dancing   //   Cindy Crane & Judy Mills 

October 8  //  Engaged February 4, 2022  //  Madison

Cindy and Judy met at the beginning of the pandemic. Dating began with long hikes, dining outside, and kayaking. As we built trust, we formed our own bubble and gradually got to know each other’s friends and family, including Judy’s three children. A couple of years later, we got married at Judy’s church, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Madison, with Cindy’s ELCA bishop co-officiating. 

Judy is a dedicated Episcopalian who struggled with her faith while coming to terms with her sexual orientation. Cindy is a Lutheran pastor, who left the ministry for several years after she came out. In Judy’s tradition, marriage is a sacrament. From being perceived as sinful to celebrating a sacramental union—who knew? And then on to dinner and dancing at Lakeside St. Coffee House! Photographer: Jolene Wochenske, Simply So Photography.

Our Community Rose Up   //   Chris Nania & Jared Pierce 

October 8  //  Engaged June 5, 2021  //  Hayward

We were taken ashore on pontoon boats piloted by our father and brother while our good friends performed a beautiful rendition of one of our favorite songs. Surrounded by family who made the trip to the northwoods from far and wide, both biological and chosen, Chris’s lifelong friend gave a truly unique ceremony that only a doctor in theater and performance could give. Our siblings stood at our sides and helped send us off into the world officially hitched. 

From growing our flowers, to baking our cakes, to hand-lettering our signs, to constructing beverage stations dedicated to best dog friends who couldn’t be there, to the thriving 90’s dance floor, our community rose up around us to build a dream wedding that could not have been more perfect and would have been been impossible to do without them. Photographer: Melanie Renee Photography

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