The Love They Share

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TeKema and Megan met while working at an inpatient psychiatric facility, where the two became fast friends. After a night of polka dancing at the Essen Haus, their relationship bloomed. Their shared love for travel led them to hit the road to work at hospitals throughout the country. They worked, lived, and adventured in Maine, Vermont, and Missouri. Between traveling from facility to facility, Megan and TeKema visited Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Canada, Mexico, and the British Virgin Islands. When TeKema was accepted into a local nursing program, they returned to Madison, where they live with their variety of pets. They have embraced the challenges 2020 has brought and have been fortunate to become closer than ever. They have gone through several new hobbies during the year, including baking all of the breads, gardening, and painting fabulous works of art together. After a long day at work and school, they always take the time to make a meal together, share a laugh, and reflect on the day. They find that preserving a time to connect daily, along with a good sense of humor, has helped tremendously during these recent stressful and trying times we are all experiencing. They’re excited about the love they share, and are enthusiastically looking forward to their continued growth.

2021 Love List

  1. Staying is an Act of Defiance: Malik & Whryne Rasheed
  2. The Dreamer & the Realist: Daniel Beechler & Michael Lynn
  3. Our Life is Now: Stella & Vica Steel
  4. Quarantine Engagement: Dotti Jacob & Kimberly Rose
  5. The Love They Share: TeKema Balentine & Megan Bentley
  6. A Lifetime Together: Erv Uecker & Ross Walker
  7. Dreams Come True: Patrick & Ryan Platta

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Rutabaga - Winter

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