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Cameron brings his commitment to justice, passion for music, and training as a community activist and social worker to his role in leading Zao MKE Church, a majority queer and trans Milwaukee church. At Zao, the community is proud of being “Jesus rooted, justice centered, and radically inclusive,” which drives every part of building the church.

Rooting the community in the life, person, and teaching of Jesus—a radical, Brown-skinned revolutionary—leads the community to centering justice in the life of faith. That justice work, which requires dismantling systems of oppression so that all may be liberated and free, points towards the radically inclusive world we are trying to build. At Zao, radical inclusion means that all are included, but those who have been most marginalized are centered first and foremost. Together, this call towards Jesus and justice—and radical solidarity pushes the community to take action, from marching in the streets with Black Lives Matter to creating a trans clothing boutique for those in need of gender euphoria, to organizing The Depot, the largest supply drop and distribution center in the state to support street protests and community actions.

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Zao also means “to be fully alive,” so Cameron never forgets that the work of justice must be matched with moments of joy and fun. Whether it’s soaking in the sun at Zao events like Beach Please, or solving a murder mystery escape room at Fourth Friday Fun Fest, or having a beer and having deep conversation at Holy Spirits, Cameron loves to be fully alive with his church community.

Cameron also uses his voice to bring change in the world. He teaches at a Milwaukee college, training up the next generation of activist social workers. He advocates at local and national levels for policy changes that will combat harmful anti-LGBTQIA legislation. He co-hosts a podcast called Christian Queeries, which unpacks toxic ideas about God and offers a new, exciting, queer- and trans-informed take on Christian spirituality. And his music, which often gender-bends language for God or puts a new spin on tradition, invites the community to experience the divine with their own voice, their bodies, and one another.

Cameron is the proud father of a baby girl, who will have her first birthday this summer. He is dedicated to fighting for a better world for her to grow up in… and to one day take over.

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The Pastor: Cameron Overton (he/him) is the executive pastor at Zao MKE Church and a Black transman called to build the church into an intersectional and queer liberated space committed to the liberation of all people.

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