BeOUT Milwaukee celebrates LGBTQ visibility

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Join us in honoring National Coming Out Day on Tuesday, October 11.

Milwaukee Pride strongly believes that coming out still matters.

On Tuesday, October 11, we will honor National Coming Out Day with our first-ever BeOUT Milwaukee celebration!  Join us in welcoming the NOH8 Campaign, our internationally recognized Proud Partner, as we join forces to promote the power of LGBTQ visibility.

What is BeOUT Milwaukee? It’s a day to be seen, be heard, and be OUT in the community for who you are and what you believe in.  It’s a day to show our pride in how far we’ve come — and honor how we got here!

How does BeOUT Milwaukee work?

  • Check in at 5 p.m. at our BeOUT headquarters, the gorgeous new South Second (838 S. 2nd St.) where you can pick up your neighborhood map, enter our BeOUT prize drawing, and enjoy a cash bar and complimentary desserts.
  • Explore and support the local merchants, restaurants and bars of Historic Walker’s Point.  Choose your own adventures — dinner, shopping or bar-hopping — in this diverse and dynamic neighborhood!
  • Take a stand against discrimination and bullying — schedule your very own NOH8 Protest Photo.
  • Be visible.  Be counted. Make an minimum $10 #BeOUTMKE donation to Milwaukee Pride, Inc. in your name or in the name of a loved one, and your name/s will be included on our BeOUT banner at next year’s Milwaukee Pride Parade!
  • Join Milwaukee Pride, PFLAG Milwaukee and our Proud Partners at 8 P.M. for a community reception,  as we award our first-ever BeOUT Award for LGBTQ Visibility.

No admission tickets are required for this progressive event; however, a nominal NOH8 Campaign donation is required for an official photo.

This year, we’ve selected Historic Walker’s Point as our BeOUT destination neighborhood. Known as the social center of Milwaukee’s LGBTQ community for decades, Walker’s Point is more than just bars.  The neighborhood is experiencing a remarkable renaissance that has added vibrant, nationally-recognized new restaurants, unique and eclectic merchants, and stunning new working and living spaces to the landscape.

“Pride is more than just a weekend,” said Karina Willes of the Milwaukee Pride Board of Directors.  “To support those who are living with doubt and fear, we need to be visible and present throughout the year.  On National Coming Out Day, we ask everyone to simply BE OUT, be together, and be united.  We must be loud with our pride to overcome those who seek to silence us.”

Milwaukee Pride seeks sponsors, donors and volunteers to support this new celebration.  Questions?  Contact us at

About the NOH8 Campaign

The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by bullying, discrimination and exclusionary legislation around the world, with “NOH8” painted on one cheek in protest.

Seven years since its inception, the NOH8 Campaign has grown to over 55,000 faces and continues to grow at an exponential rate. The campaign began with portraits of everyday Californians from all walks of life and soon rose to include politicians, military personnel, newlyweds, law enforcement, artists, celebrities, and many more from across the globe.  The message of ‘No Hate’ can be interpreted and applied broadly, and everyone can relate to the message of NOH8 in their own way.

The NOH8 Campaign has received overwhelming support from around the world, and has appeared in various local and national news programs and publications. The images are widely used on various social networking sites such asFacebook, Twitter and Instagram to proudly show support for equal rights.

To date, NOH8 Campaign has hosted official photo shoots in 48 of the 50 United States (plus D.C.) and 20 countries around the world. While our work continues here in the US, we recognize that there are still places around the world where simply being who you are means living in fear for your life every single day. NOH8 will continue to promote love, acceptance and respect for all human beings will continue in pursuit of #NOH8Worldwide.


About National Coming Out Day

Since 1988, National Coming Out Day has been observed annually on the anniversary of the Second March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

national-coming-out-day-keith-haringThe international event, which has been observed in all 50 U.S. states since 1990, is intended to raise awareness and support for LGBT individuals worldwide. The original celebration encouraged gays and lesbians to wear symbols of pride, such as rainbow flags and pink triangles.

Originally, activists used National Coming Out Day to target closeted celebrities, political officials, and media personalities, challenging them to “come out” and make a commitment to their community. Today, the campaign focused on the social, emotional, and physical wellness factors of the “coming out” process, particularly for LGBT youth.

 National Coming Out Day, once a separate organization, is now part of the Human Rights Campaign.

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