2024 Books & Breakfast Coordinator

  • Temporary
  • Madison

Website Freedom, Inc.

$25/hr (Contractor; part time; temporary)

Reports To:
Youth Justice Director

About Us:
Freedom, Inc. (FI) is a queer feminist non-profit that organizes within low to no-income
Black and Southeast Asian women and girls, gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex, and
other queer folx.

Our mission is to achieve social justice through the coupling of direct services with
community organizing. Through leadership development, community mobilization, and
advancing community control measures, we will bring about social, political, cultural,
and economic change, resulting in the end of violence against women, gender-nonconforming folks and youth within our communities.
Freedom, Inc. works to dismantle the root causes of violence, poverty, racism and
discrimination. Our belief is that people who are most affected by these issues must
have voice, power, resources and choice, in order for true social change to happen.

Program Description:
Books and Breakfast is a summer program for Black and Southeast Asian elementary
aged youth. Young people enjoy a healthy breakfast and mind lifting books. They also
enhance literacy, learning, and life skills as they emerge as young liberatory leaders in
our communities.
The program was developed in the spirit of the Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast
program. Click here to learn about the ways the Black Panther Party revolutionized
political education and service providing.

Planning dates: March 10 – June 21, 2024
Program dates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10AM – 1:30PM June 24 – August

To apply for this job please visit freedom-inc.org.

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