Love List 2020

SHARE THE LOVE • Being a part of our 2020 Love List helps us recognize and celebrate your relationship(s) while creating connections and visibility across our community. This is our way to lift up and feature Our Lives readers from across the state while creating a portrait of LGBTQ love that reflects our diverse community.

View 2019’s Love List here.

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2020 Love List Submission Form

  • If you are in a poly or non-monogamous relationship, you can send additional names to us at: [email protected]
  • Please enter a number from .5 to 70.
  • Drop files here or
    NOTE: All couples appear in the text list, however all photos are submitted for our consideration. We do our best to publish as many as space allows. To safeguard against trans* and bi invisibility, our policy is to only publish photos of LGBTQ-identified couples.
  • Examples: If they survived a unique struggle, Were brought together in a unique way, Helped improve the quality of life for others around them. Really, you decide!
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