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Purple Raine

Local musical prodigy Raine Stern is leveraging their time on The Voice to amplify their music and message. Our Lives Publisher Patrick Farabugh chats with Raine to learn how it all began and where she’s going.

Speaking Life into Existence

Not waiting for opportunity to knock, bisexual Milwaukee entertainer Travis Lynch has found that through both adversity and positivity he’s finding the best version of himself.

Building Strength in Numbers

After years of pressuring city and county governemnt, OutReach LGBT Community Center Executive Director Steve Starkey has finally made progress towards representative data collection at the county level, and hopes the city will follow.

May 2021

Dark money, transphobia, and partisanship blight Brown County nonpartisan elections

A series of anti-transgender dog whistles and the involvement of partisan groups muddy the waters ahead of April’s general election.

Ankita Bharadwaj’s #StopAsianHate public comments to the Madison Common Council on March 30, 2021

First I want to thank my fellow Asians- Alder Shiva Bidar and Alder Syed Mustajab Abbas for bringing this resolution on the floor. It’s high time we are heard. Thanks for reaching out to me and inviting me to speak tonight. I want to start my testimony tonight with a...

Brown County Circuit Court candidate faces anti-transgender attacks along the campaign trail

Campaigning as an openly trans candidate stokes backlash from far-right interest groups across the Northeast region of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Republicans seek to ban transgender people from sports

A bill introduced at the Capitol on Tuesday, March 2, would force schools to strictly regulate participation in sports based on “biological sex as assigned by a doctor at birth.”

When Allegations of Sexual Assault, Race, and Queerness Collide

Earlier this year a social media account emerged accusing Milwaukee Black LGBTQ+ community leader Lex Allen of multiple cases of sexual assault. OutReach Board president Jill Nagler unpacks the power dynamics at play for both victims and abusers with multiple marginalized identities.

The Recipe for Unconditional Support

Local chef Dave Heide shares his thoughts on supporting an LGBTQ child after his child, Ollie Joy, came out to their family as non-binary. Perhaps someone in your life could benefit from reading it.

Destination: Home

Bicontinental Madisonian Gregg Potter unpacks his evolving sense of home, from the open door policies of his childhood, to the LGBTQ+ interchange he’s hosting in South Africa.

When the Professional is Personal

Bill Beaudreau’s path to interior designing and small business ownership was paved with a clear sense of calling and an opaque professional persona. Gradually, he has begun to share more of his whole self.

Land as Sanctuary

Holy Wisdom Monastery is known for its care of both the Earth and its ecumenical community. Its restored prairie offers a healing space for contemplation and quiet recreation. CEO Charles McLimans shares the journey that brought him there.

The Language of Flowers Speaks

In the mid-1970s, a queer rural magazine was born in Grinnell, Iowa. Some familiar Madisonians were early contributors. Historian Richard Wagner explains.

Biden’s First Actions

President Biden has wasted no time in advancing equality on a number of fronts after assuming office. Some of the most immediate actions have been through a series of executive orders. Fair Wisconsin Executive Director Megin McDonell outlines those early orders and what protections they establish.

An Open letter to UW Law School: Your Activism, or Lack Thereof, Matters

UW students are speaking out again against the University of Wisconsin Law School welcoming an anti-transgender group on campus by pointing out double standards and a history of queer persecution.

Wausau Public Health and Safety Committee advances proposal to ban conversion therapy

On February 15, Wausau’s Public Health and Safety Committee unanimously approved a resolution that would ban conversion therapy. The resolution would provide a path for complaints about healthcare providers who practice conversion therapy to try to change someone’s...

Local companies recognized by Human Rights Campaign’s Best Place to Work list

The Human Rights Campaign issued its 2021 Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality report. The corporate equality index measures offerings of policies, benefits, and non-discrimination practices that ensure an equitable workplace and set benchmarks for emerging...
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