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Creativity builds community at The Studio Creative Learning Community – home to ~70 first year students who value artistic creativity across visual, performing, and literary arts. The Studio Program Manager is responsible for the programs, spaces, and relationships that constitute this unique residential learning community grounded in artistic creativity. This position manages four creative spaces and a team of student staff to generate co-curricular programming in support of creativity and community-building. This role also supports and coordinates a curricular seminar survey of the arts on campus, taught by the Faculty Director, and a Steering Committee composed of faculty and staff representatives across the arts on campus. Sitting at the heart of The Studio community, The Studio Program Manager works closely with students and staff alike to foster a lively space for first-year students who value artistic creativity, and serves as a liaison between the Division of the Arts; University Housing; Office of Multicultural Arts’ First Wave scholarship program; and the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement. As The Studio houses each incoming cohort of the First Wave Program, this role requires cultural literacy in working with a highly diverse (and extremely talented) student body and a sensitivity towards the challenges of PWIs from the student perspective.

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