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Support for LGBT Issues Declines

Party polarization and a rise in Christian nationalism have fueled waves of rhetoric and legislation across the country seeking to denigrate LGBTQ individuals and limit or repeal our liberties.

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A Year of Crucial Elections

It’s 2024, and Americans are bracing for a contentious, ugly election year. The ugliness at the national level is well covered, but many LGBTQ+ Wisconsinites are bracing for their own key elections as state and local officials go head to head, many citing recent anti-gay and trans rhetoric and legislation as a reason to fear the outcomes, should right-wing candidates win.

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Rutabaga - Summer
Rutabaga - Summer

Food & Dining

Delta Means Change

Delta Beer Lab has done their best to take the high road, as economic pressures challenge business to find a new way,
by making changes that still serve their mission and values.

Cash & Olive’s Pub

Jen O’Branovich and Courtney Sargent of Millie’s Coffee & Eatery in Cambridge have traded in the sunny space they formerly occupied in Galleria 214 to expand into a more Sconnie-style environment outside the main drag.



Arts & Entertainment

Professor Profile: Finn Enke

UW-Madison professor and artist Finn Enke (he/they) talks about his upcoming memoir and graphic essay collection, prioritizing tenure over transition, and being the only openly trans faculty member in 2011.

Mechanic Shop Femme on Tour

Automotive expert and writer Chaya Milchtein talks about her childhood, career path, and recently published book:
Mechanic Shop Femme’s Guide to Car Ownership.

Catching up with Kathy Griffin

Steve Noll chats with the legendary comedian about why she’s done performing in clubs, life on the PTSD-List, her upcoming show at Overture Center on April 21, and yes… the infamous photo.



Home & Garden

Hard Work

Crossroads Community Farm organic farmer Cassie Wyss talks about becoming a farmer and a member of the LGBTQ community later in life.

Choosing a New Neighborhood

Vivienne Andersen, a full-time REALTOR® for more than a decade, looks at ways that LGBTQ people assess safety when deciding where to buy a home.

A Rural Oasis

Princeton-raised Matthew Trotter is building a purposefully curated ecosystem that both lifts up his home town’s history and celebrates a queerer version of up-north culture.

A Secret Worth Sharing

A 25-year exercise in spontaneity and experimentation transformed a neglected property into an eclectic eden.



Health & Families

Madison Queer Bike Ride

Organizer Zach Johnson shares about a meetup in Madison’s Law Park. The ride specifically welcomes all bodies, including new or infrequent bikers, on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 (weather permitting).

Queer Climbing Social

Co-chair Becca Ridge (she/her) and Co-host SJ Hemmerich (they/them) on a monthly meetup at Boulders Climbing Gym’s two locations in Madison.

Pain Is In the Brain

Nyle Biondi, MS LMFT, was one of the first out trans therapists in the state of Wisconsin and has devoted the past few years to helping others heal from chronic pain and health conditions.

For Such a Time as This

Vica-Etta Steel speaks to Reverend Peter Beeson about his faith and work as Lead Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran church as they pursue a rebuild that includes affordable housing.



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