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Please help us keep our readers informed about what your organization is doing by filling out the form below. Please answer as many of the questions as possible (at least one to be included). Please limit your entries to changes and information that have come about in the previous 2 months, or that involve future changes and events.

This is a great way to keep our readers and the Wisconsin LGBT community more up-to-date with your organization’s activities, accomplishments, changes, etc.

Please be sure to also submit events to our calendar here.

  • We may have further questions we need to ask. What number can we reach you at?
  • Has your organization added new staff and/or board members lately? Have any long-time staff or board members transitioned out? Let us know here.
  • Let us know what you've got coming up! For print inclusion, we must have this information at least one month prior to publication time (for the January issue, by Dec. 1, for instance).
  • Is your org working on developing new programs, legislation, actions, lobbying efforts, outreach, coalition building, or changes in mission? Let us know here.
  • Do you have a student or employee of the month, a stand-out board member or volunteer, athlete or organization that you'd like to call out for special recognition? Give us the details here.
  • List any upcoming fundraising, lobbying, activism efforts here.
  • Let us know about anything else that doesn't quite fit in one of the other categories - news, etc. about your organization, as well as any bite-sized bits of data or info that could be included in a graphic / chart.
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    Please attach photos (example: board/staff changes or featured members), press releases, information graphics, and/or any other files that can help us illustrate this update.
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Atlas Counseling
Vivent Health - PrEP

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