Boo and His Dads

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Breeds: English Springer Spaniel/American Blue Heeler
Age: 1.5 years
Family: Justin Krause & Scott Brown

Boo, where did you meet Scott and Justin? I met my dads at the Dane County Humane Society.

Boo, what kind of family member is Scott? Justin?  Scott: He’s a pushover. I can usually get whatever I want from him; he lets me sit on his lap (even though I’m a bit big to be a lap dog), and he takes me on long walks in the evening. Justin: He’s the pack master; he keeps me in line (although sometimes he lets me roughhouse in the house), teaches me lots of tricks, and takes me running.

Scott and Justin, what kind of family member is Boo? He’s a working dog! The schedule at our house it set by Boo: it revolves around mealtime, walk time, playtime, and nap time. Everything else is secondary. He is like an activities director in that way.

Boo, what is your favorite toy? Tennis balls (I LOVE TENNIS BALLS!) are my favorite, followed closely by American Antler Dog Chews.

Boo, what are your must-have treats? Any treat is my must-have treat. I must have treats! All my treats come from bad dog frida, unless one of my grandmas sneaks me something I’m not supposed to have.

Scott and Justin, how does Boo meet your needs? Boo is a great focus for our different energies. He’s one of the most good-natured, friendly companions one could ask for. He’s a constant source of unconditional love. Boo is such a character that he keeps us entertained and laughing. He’s a great reminder of what is really important in life.

Boo, how do Scott and Justin meet your needs? They are my best friends; they keep me clean, fed, exercised, and looking good. They provide endless entertainment and make sure I’m happy and content!

If dogs could talk, what would you say? “Start each day with excitement and a wagging tail, celebrate mealtimes, and eat with gusto—having enough to eat is a blessing. Get out and explore your neighborhood, approach strangers as potential friends and playmates, and always leave your mark wherever you go so those who come after you know you were there.”

Favorite pet shop: bad dog frida
Animal clinic: UW-Madison Veterinary Hospital

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