Smells Like Team Spirit

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Where are you from?
I am from Clear Lake, Minnesota. Yes, I am a Vikings fan.

How did you come to play for the Wisconsin Wolves?
I played with the Minnesota Vixen for two years starting in 2002. During my second season, I realized the system the coaches were executing was not allowing me to contribute to the team to the degree I was capable of. So I contacted the head coach of the Northern Ice in Kenosha, Wisconsin to ask about tryouts and set my sights on making it onto the Wisconsin team roster. I made the 2004 team.

What’s it like to be a part of an all-women’s tackle football team?
The friendships you make are unforgettable. The trust you need to develop on the field makes for incredible relationships off the field. Not to mention that when you have a really bad day at work you can go to practice and hit people. By the end of practice your “bad day” has melted away.

How has playing for the Wolves affected you?
The biggest way playing with the Wolves has affected my life is that I have learned the importance of preparation, perseverance, and persistence. I have experienced things by playing with the Wolves that I may not have been fortunate to have had in my life otherwise. We get to travel the country playing teams in different states and meet new teammates and opponents each year. I have also learned that kids do look up to athletes. The Wolves strive to create a family atmosphere at home games and to give the kids strong, confident role models to look up to. The Wolves organization wants to encourage women and kids in the community to not be afraid to try, because if they do, they will succeed in reaching their dreams.

What do you do when you’re not playing football?
I enjoy hanging out at home with my partner, Nantz (she also plays with the Wolves, #70) and our three cats: Booger, Gonzales, and Ciatti. I am a graphic artist, and I do computer design and freehand art. I also really enjoy smack talking to a good friend of mine on the team, Tiffany Loomis (#14). She just dishes it right back. Tiff is in the Army and is stationed in Kuwait right now. We can’t wait for her to get home and back on the football field!

What are your hopes for the Wolves as part of the Madison community?
The Wolves would like to develop a symbiotic relationship with the Madison community. We are planning football camps for kids, family fun at local events, and many other things as summer rolls around. The Wolves will also be doing events at various Madison establishments to promote awareness of the team and to bring people into the businesses in the community. The Wolves want to be a part of the community more than just during our football season. But once spring comes and it’s Saturday night, where are you going to be? At the Wolves game, of course.

How can readers learn more about the Wisconsin Wolves?
You can find us online at, and we invite everyone to visit often. We have mini-camps and tryouts listed on the website. The camps and tryouts are open events. This means all women 18 and older can participate, and anyone can attend to take in the action. You have to be offered a roster spot to be a player on the team, and the only way to do that is to try out. Not everyone who attends tryouts will receive the offer. The mini-camps help potential players get ready for the tryout dates, help veterans knock the rust off, and are a great opportunity for our fans to get a mini-fix of football action live and in person.

*Editor’s Note: Wisconsin Wolves Football went on for many years but dissolved in 2012. For more click HERE.

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